Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disney has released it's first Traditional Animation release since 2004's Home on the Range. And it may not have whizz-bang 3D or CGI set pieces but it's good:

Princess & The Frog:7/10. Old school Disney with good if familiar characters & some catchy tunes. Ray the romantic firefly is worth the stub.

So to celebrate this here's our Top 10 Disne
y traditional animations...enjoy!



7/10. A simple maternal love story that makes up for a lack of memorable songs with bucket loads of cuteness & Timothy Q. Mouse.


Little Mermaid

7/10. Another hit thanks to some superb sing along scenes, a scary villain & an unnecessarily sexy ginger fish-woman.


Fantasia 2000

7/10. A not-for-the-masses p
assion project. Bizarre, ambitious & artistic, yet still a charming and fun Disney animation.



8/10. A touching & timeless Disney fable about a deer growing up in the wild with April showers,Thumper & that unforgettable gunshot.


Lady & The Tramp

8/10. Often imitated, never bettered - the original and best love story in animation history. Cute and cuddly family fun.


Beauty & The Beast

8/10.Fairytales don't come better than this girl-meets-beast love epic. Classic Disney recipe + a talking candle stick.


Snow White

9/10. A Disney benchmark thanks to the delightful characters, wondrous story & first class animation. An eternal family fantasy.



9/10. A vibrant & frenzied magic carpet ride with wit, special songs & Williams' scene stealing Genie. A perfect cartoon adventure


Jungle Book (1967)

10/10. Welcome to the jungle. Its a jiving, jazzy, joyous classic with treasured songs & characters. Disney perfection.


Lion King

10/10. A musical milestone that effortlessly waltzes between innocent joy and emotional tragedy. Disney's crown & the one to beat.

Agree? Disagree? Don't care?!