Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Our 10 Second review:

Prince Caspian: 4/10.The novel aside this is a poor sequel to a poor first film.Great CGI but laughable acting and a very, very dull score.

Our 90 Second Review

It's difficult to keep the film and the novel by C.S.Lewis seperate here. Although the novels undoubtedly a classic of its time: a feature film maketh not!

In interviews (with Empire I think) director Andrew Adamson made it clear from the start that the story is short and so certain themes would need to be expanded or even introduced from stratch.

This is the main problem with the film. Even without reading the novel, it feels drawn out. There are scenes which appear to bear no relevance to the plot line. Such as the scene with the White Witch who randomly crops up to tempt the children...again.

Scenes like this and the generally confused, stretched out feel to the plot make it a dull view. It's impossible to say how much time passes during the film with it's back and forth plot and crazy geographical meanderings. None of this is helped by a mind-numbingly boring and overemphasized score.

Not to mention dreadful acting from the lead Ben Barnes who's annoying accent and face ruin any chance of feeling the slightest-bit moved by his plight. And the love interest between him and Susan is another prime example of poly-filler cinema.

One thing that is impressive is the CGI- especially on Aslan which is a big improvement on the already impressive first film's. And the battle scene at the end isn't bad. That is until trees come in and finish it all off forcing the evil bastards back to a river which magically washes them all away...sound familiar!? I know, it's not Adamson etc's fault that C.S.Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were best mates and wrote similar fantasies. It's just unfortunate.

Overall: all filler- no killer and like the novels- it's poor man's Lord Of The Rings. 4/10


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