Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 Films of 2008

2008: The Year of Anarchy

Welcome to 10SecondReviews rundown of our top ten films of the year. These are our 10 second reviews:

10. Juno: 8/10

If slightly annoying & pretentious, Juno is still 1 of the smartest & sharpest films of the year. Great screenplay & pace with Page, Cera & Bateman all on form.

9. Gone Baby Gone: 8/10

Ben shines behind the camera while brother C
asey excels in front of it. A gripping character-driven abduction thriller

8. Son of Rambow: 8/10

An engaging heartwarming British film set in the 80s with a new star in Poulter. Occasionally clunky script is forgiven due to equal wit & poignancy.

7. Wall-E: 8/10

A great story that
combines a touching romance with a laugh at the human race and a subtle (but serious) warning to the world!

6. Eden Lake: 8/10

Not for everyone but a high point in British horror concerning real British fears. A relentless, brutal experience. Will you survive it?

5. In Bruges: 9/10

A hilarious tragedy with a simplistic but not simple story excellently executed. Farrell, Glessan & Fienes make a great trio.

4. Changeling: 9/10

Compelling heart-wrenching drama depicting a bleak, corrupt 20s LA. More proof that Eastwood is 1 of America's most vital filmmakers

3. No Country For Old Men: 9/10.

Violent, poetic & enthralling with a phenomenal cast. Bardem is 1 of cinema's most chilling characters as The Coen Brothers deliver their best yet fully deserving Oscar glory.

2. There Will Be Blood: 10/10

PT Anderson creates a vivid, raw & timeless piece of cinema with a sublime Day-Lewis. Tough but essential viewing

1. The Dark Knight: 10/10.

Nolan's crime epic is not just the best comic book movie ever made or the film of 2008, it's a visionary masterpiece.

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