Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009!

It's been the year of the vampires, comic-books, and Sci-Fi! We've reviewed hundreds of this year's cinema and DVD releases and here's our top you can see we loved the Sci-Fi scene!

10. Watchmen


A fan boys dream. True to the comics in tone, cast and look. And the soundtrack is brilliant! Snyder's done it again.

9. Mesrine


Part 1 of this French crime epic is episodic but moves like a missile & every scene is riveting. Part 2 of this gangster epic is a blinder with more bank jobs,prison breaks & a staggeringly sublime Cassell.

8. The Hangover


Depraved, debauched & outrageous.A daring comedy with cracking script & characters from largely unknown cast.Vegas anyone?

7. Drag Me To Hell


Staples in the eye,maggots in the mouth, a scary old woman & a talking goat.What more do you want?

6. Slumdog Millionaire


Frantic,frenzied & exhilarating.Boyle hits the streets of Mumbai to deliver a heartfelt colourful & infectious ride

5. Avatar


This fantasy epic fully immerses you into a new world with breathtaking skill & pioneering visuals. An awe-inspiring landmark.

4. Star Trek


Abrams hits Warp Factor X for a reboot & it pays spades. Trekkies & newcomers rejoice-Kirk & co are back..& cool again

3. Moon


Think Castaway meets Silent Running: this elegant & assured British sci-fi is slow but totally captivating with a superb Rockwell

2. District 9


A brilliant and original take on 'first contact'. Cutting edge visuals that make you not only believe, but care.

1. The Hurt Locker


Out of nowhere comes the best war film in ages about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq.Vivid,volatile & uncontrollably tense.

And ten of the worst...

10. He's Just Not That Into You

The all-star cast can't save this confused adaptation. Poorly paced with an insufferable ending. Avoid

9. Gran Torino

Clint is hilarious but can’t save a weak story with terrible acting. Full of laughable moments that aren’t deliberate.

8. Year One
An uninspired muddled comedy -at times biblically bad with only a few quirky laughs thanks to Cera. Life of Brian this is not.

7. Saw VI

A repugnant, redundant film full of hateful characters with no scares or thrills. When will this annual pain end?

6. Push

A miserable heroes ripoff lacking the charm or fun and played out by an awful cast, one of whom thinks he's Samuel L Jackson.

5. Funny People

The makers of edgy US gross-out try mixing penis jokes with serious grown-up stuff. It's awkward and sadly, not funny.

4. Transformers 2

Big, loud, long & dumb. The sound & visuals- like the robots(& Megan Fox) are out of this world but the story is a mess.

3. Taking Woodstock
Lee's nostalgic look at an iconic hippie 60s moment is lackluster & dull. Hollow in content with bland performances.1. Babylon A.D

2. Babylon A.D

A sci-fi mess with decayed script & abysmal finale.1 or 2 guilty pleasure moments for Diesel fans but it's no Pitch Black.

1. The Ugly Truth
Butler is the only decent thing in this glaringly unfunny & banal romcom. The ugly truth is that this film is terrible.

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