Thursday, January 15, 2009

The December Roundup

The good, the bad and the ones that caused arguments in December...

The best 3 films we saw this month:

Terminator 2

Is this the perfect sci fi?It's violent,frightening and exlosive.Haunting score and CGI that refuses to age.


A cops & robbers story like you've never seen before. De Niro & Pacino combine sublimely in Mann's stunning, intense crime study

The Dark Knight


Nolan's crime epic is not just the best comic book movie ever made or the film of 2008, it's a visionary masterpiece

The worst 3 films we saw this month:

The Happening

Shyamalan’s decent hits all time low with this abysmal eco-horror. Embarrassing on all fronts. Worst film of 2008.

Sex And The City

Bad for the soul and mankind as a whole. It's as superficial and shallow as its pathetic anti-feminist protagonists.

Saw V


More dross from the franchise that should have quit after great original. You could endure less painful bouts of root canal.

And the one that we couldn't agree on...

Hellboy 2

Del Toro's imagination runs wild as Big Red's back on comic form in a fun yet predicable film.Good but no Pan's Labyrinth.

The others from December

The Changeling

9/10. Compelling heart-wrenching drama of a bleak,corrupt 20s LA.More proof that Eastwood is 1 of America's most vital filmmakers

Lakeview Terrace

6/10. A tense and strange thriller with mixed messages about racial tensions in the US. Won over by a terrifying Samuel L

The Terminator

9/10. A relentless, iconic sci-fi thriller defining Arnie's movie career with Cameron giving birth to a genre. Phenomenal.

Speed Racer

7/10. Good fun and laugh out loud cheesy at points.Incredibly colourful and visually stunning.


5/10. Controversial I know but...bad acting, patronising fake science and a travesty to the cartoon. Although La Beouf is good.

Saw V

2/10. More dross from the franchise that should have quit after great original. You could endure less painful bouts of root canal.

Ghost Town

7/10. Not groundbreaking but a pleasant, witty comedy in a gorgeously shot NY.Strong cast as Gervais steals it in first lead film.

Burn After Reading

8/10. Hilarious, sharp and original.A brilliant snapshot of a mad world.Understated Simmons is a hero.Coen's on a roll.

24 Redemption

7/10. Jack's back.But in Africa.Cracking but not vintage 24.Fresh angle blending apt presidency theme with some classic Bauer

Quantum of Solace

6/10. Disappointing. Weak villain &messy plot but good Bourne-style action. Craig comes out unscathed still a hard-edged Bond.

Prince Caspian

4/10. The novel aside this is a poor sequel to a poor first film. Great CGI but laughable acting and a very, very dull score.

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