Tuesday, February 17, 2009

January Roundup

The good, the bad and the ones that caused arguments in January...

The best new film we saw this month:

Slumdog Millionaire


Frantic,frenzied & exhilarating.Boyle hits the streets of Mumbai to deliver a heartfelt colourful & infectious ride

The best 3 films we saw this month:

The Thing


Carpenter & Russell's iconic best. Landmark effects, unbearable suspense & a chilling score. A timeless horror masterwork.

Apocalypse Now


Evocative, powerful & bold cinema.Vietnam has never looked so horrifying.Sheen & Brando are terrific.Don't miss a frame

The Matrix


An iconic sci fi that
broke all the rules. Terrible acting but fascinating story, brilliant action and incredible cinema.

The worst 3 films we saw this month:

Babylon A.D


A sci-fi mess with decayed script & abysmal finale.1 or 2 guilty
pleasure moments for Diesel fans but it's no Pitch Black

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


Almost 3 hours of total bilge.No plot,characters or fun.Utterly incomprehensible on all fronts



A terrible b-movie creature feature with abysmal acting & a script probably smeared on a napkin but a few hilarious death scenes

And the one that we couldn't agree on...

The Assassination of Jesse James


Dominik & Deakins redefine the Western. Poetic,beautiful & haunting starring a superb Affleck & Pitt


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Radith Prawira said...

i agree with your rating on slumdog.. for the rest of the films i haven't see them except The Matrix, and The Matrix sure are on of the best,