Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Curious Case of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'

We gave this film 7/10 but as the debate about this film rages on - we are starting to wonder...

Here's what we said a couple of days after it came out:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: 7/10. Fascinating concept brought home with Fincher's usual charm and skill. Long but lovable.

But were we too generous?

Well the critics seem to have liked it and it got 3 Oscars but they were only on a technical basis:

  • Best Achievement in Art Direction
  • Best Achievement in Makeup
  • Best Achievement in Visual Effects
It's also done pretty well in the two big mags:

And the big websites:

So on the face of it, its does seem like we judged Fincher's latest film in a similar way to the big dogs. But there are some rather convincing arguments out there that make us think that this film may have had an element of Hollywood smoke and mirrors.

For example one critic has said 'the idea of BB getting younger and younger isn't imbued with any great comic or tragic insight...he is not like Dracula or Dorian Gray. He is just a bland-faced Benjamin Button, who eventually, riding his motorcycle or sailing his yaught, has all the interest of a model in a Gap advert.'

(Exhibit A)

The film has also been described by other critics as 'twee and pointless'.

Well some of this is undoubtedly true. There are times when the film does seem like a show off for Brad Pitt and there are times when Fincher goes for the easy heartstrings and cheap laughs. There are also times when the concept of aging backwards is so complex that it makes the film's unique characteristc feel more like a gimic that doesn't work.

But for these faults- we let off the man who bought us Seven and Fight Club and the writer who bought us Forest Gump don't we?

No I don't think we do because if anything he's better than this isn't he?

We can't take back our twitter review of this film but if we could we would knock of a star because although it is an enjoyable adventure with some touching insights into life's incredible journey- it does not deserve the praise that it's been given.


Radith Prawira said...

agree with ur rating on this film. the story is quite good good but there's nothing special on it.

Alex F. said...

Good for you guys! Brad Pitt was wooden, so I agree with the bland face comment. I was actually bored during the movie and to be honest the whole story was predictable. Besides, Everytime Cate Blanchett spoke while in hospital I so wanted to get out of the cinema. She dying but not before telling the story was a cheesy idea. That's the word... a cheesy movie.