Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The February Roundup

The good, the bad and the ones that caused arguments in February...

The best new film we saw this month:

Che Part Two


A towering display from Del Toro in the more emotionally driven half of Soderbergh's epic. A bold, novel & special film.

The best 3 films we saw this month:



Arguably Besson's best. Superb cast shine in 106 minutes of suspense filled thriller. Undeniable chemistry between Portman & Reno.

Amores Perros


A savage & raw experience. A Mexican multi-story drama packing a powerful punch. What a gripping debut from Iñárritu!

Groundhog Day


A classic 90s comedy. A simple yet fantastic concept with Murray at his cynical best. Enjoyable again & again...& again

The worst 3 films we saw this month:



Crowe overindulges with a plotless, annoying romantic drama lacking focus & chemistry. Better time spent counting your feet

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


This shoddy H

ollywoodised remake substitutes gore for scares & feels all too convenient. Just watch original.

He's Just Not That Into You


The all-star cast can't save this confused adaptation. Poorly paced with a conflicted ending. Avoid.

And the one that we couldn't agree on...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Fascinating concept brought home with Fincher's usual charm and skill. Long but lovable.


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